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AP Music Theory

Author: Nancy Scoggin
[includes 4 Audio CDs]
From the Publisher:
Reviews all topics on the test, shares tips to improve scores, includes two practice exams with aural and non-aural sections.
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Majoring in Music
Author: Rich Holly
From the Publisher:
Offers tips, strategies, and advice on pursuing a music study program at a college, university, or conservatory.
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"Students with band and orchestra experience attend college at a rate twice the national average."

~Bands Across the USA~

(from the Children’s Music Workshop, USA)

Music Students Mission Statement

Music Students is a student resource covering career planning, test preparation, music study courses, music schools, music camps, colleges and universities, along with scholarships and grants.

Attention All Would Be Music Majors

Being a college music major for many music students can be a daunting task if they are not prepared before hand. I highly recommend that you read and study the following article from MENC and then diligently apply its principles in preparing yourself to being ready for college level music study as a music major. Pay particular attention to the section called "Preparation" which would be done before beginning a college music major program. Here is a link to the article:

What It Takes to Be a Music Major
From: Teaching Music, February 1998, © MENC
MENC: The National Association for Music Education.

Music Schools Directory —

For music students wishing to major in music in a college or university, here is a music schools directory for the United States:
Here you can find the music schools that you are looking for along with links to their music departments.

Music Students Articles

Here are several links to for you to view articles that relate to the Music Students Mission Statement.

College and Career Planning Websites —

Summer Music Camps

Here are links to summer music camps around the United States.

Music Students Recommended Website —

Based in England, provides various services for classical musicians worldwide:

Here is a wonderful website that all music majors should get to know. And it has a very easy to remember URL.

This website may have a funny name but here is a serious resource for students and teachers. Produced by a team of graduate students from top universities, Shmoop offers a credible and creative place to learn. It includes a variety of learning guides along with an extensive test prep section for many school subjects (with AP Music coming soon).