Musical Instruments

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Genevieve Helsby:
Those Amazing
Musical Instruments!
with Interactive CD-ROM

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From the cello to the drums, this book takes readers on a musical tour, with notes on the history, construction, and sounds of the instruments. The interactive CD-ROM includes individual musical samples giving readers an audible example of each instrument. Full color.

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Obscure and
Unusual Instruments

How many of the following 20 obscure and unusual instruments have you ever heard of?

Included is the Nose Flute which is near and dear to this website.

Now I'm thinking I might incorporate these instrument names into a crossword puzzle. So you better study up.

Thanks goes to
for their "Over The Break" descriptions of these instruments.
(with videos included)

1. Balalaika
2. Cymbalom
3. Calliope
4. Melodica
5. Crumhorn
6. Theremin
7. Bowed Psaltry
8. Serpent
9. Ophicleide
10. Stroh Violin
11. Nyckelharpa
12. Cimbasso
13. Hurdy Gurdy
14. Konghou
15. Khene
16. Kora
17. Glass Armonica
18. Ocarina
19. Nose Flute
20. Rackett

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"It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself."

~Johann Sebastian Bach~

We begin our Musical Instruments series with The Classical Guitar. Like the piano, the classical guitar has the capacity to display both harmony and counterpoint. After attending a recital of the great classical quitarist Mauro Giuliani, Beethoven was so impressed he stated that the guitar was "like a mini orchestra".

"Thanks" goes to Kathy Unruh for starting us off. Also check out her wonderful website

...and more to come.

"If I don't practice one day, I know it;
two days, the critics know it;
three days, the public knows it."

~Jascha Heifetz~