Music Gems

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"And this song is considered a perfect gem,
And as to the meaning, it’s what you please."

~C.S. Calverley~

The Music Gems series begins with some beautiful music gems from the Classical music genre. Follow ups to this will include gems from several other music genres i.e. Pop, Rock, Jazz, Folk, Blues, Country, New Age, Inspirational, R&B, Soul, Dance, Electronic, Alternative, Easy listening, Latin, etc. and maybe even Hip-Hop if I can find any there.

Generally what I mean by Music Gems are those pieces of music that are somewhat obscure and not generally well known by the masses. But they still have a refreshing intrinsic beauty about them.

They are also not over played classics such as Beethoven’s "Moonlight Sonata" or Tchaikovsky’s "1812 Overture". To make it to my lists of Music Gems they cannot be what is termed a "Music Warhorse" — a musical composition that has become overly familiar or hackneyed due to much repetition in the standard repertoire.

But then again maybe I shouldn't be so prejudiced against music warhorses. Its not their fault that they are overplayed. To be fair maybe I should add a category called Music Warhorses to this website. So what do you think? Stay tuned.