Music Quiz

Composer Trivia Quiz - Hard

1) This composer's first opera, "L'Orfeo", debuted in 1601.
a) Lully
b) Corelli
c) Monteverdi
d) Purcell

2) This composer was born in Berlin in a Jewish family. He wrote operas such as "Robert la Diable" and "Les Huguenots".
a) Berlioz
b) Meyerbeer
c) Donizetti
d) Weber

3) This composer was a free mason and was commissioned to write several symphonies for the Masonic Lodge. These became known as the Paris Symphonies, a group of six symphonies.
a) Mozart
b) Gluck
c) Mendelssohn
d) Haydn

4) This composer founded a musical periodical to promote new musical talent, including Brahms and Chopin.
a) Schumann
b) Mendelssohn
c) Berlioz
d) Weber

5) This Russian composer who was a member of the "Russian Five" and wrote "Polovtsian Dances", was also a famous chemist.
a) Rimsky-Korsakov
b) Tchaikovsky
c) Borodin
d) Mussorgsky

6) This composer, who become one of the best-known exponents of the twelve-tone technique, was shot to death by an American soldier soon after the end of World War II.
a) Schoenberg
b) Webern
c) Bartok
d) Berg

7) This composer wrote less than 25 completed works and also wrote the longest symphony ever written at about 1 hour and 34 minutes.
a) Mahler
b) Bruckner
c) Rachmaninoff
d) Sibelius

8) This composer, unlike other opera composers, wrote his own libretti, which he referred to as "poems".
a) Puccini
b) Verdi
c) Rossini
d) Wagner

9) This composer's birthday only comes around every four years on February 29th on leap year.
a) Ravel
b) Rossini
c) Mendelssohn
d) Coplandk

10) This composer entered the world of music through his wonderful singing voice as a child and he spent most of his childhood singing in church choirs.
a) Bach
b) Handel
c) Haydn
d) Schubert

11) This composer, the son of an upper-middle class family in Russia, earned the title "Father of Russian Music".
a) Glinka
b) Tchaikovsky
c) Rimsky-Korsakov
d) Balakirev