Music Quiz

Composer Trivia Quiz - Intermediate

1) 1.This German composer born in 1833 wrote the choral masterpiece, "The German Requiem".
a) Liszt
b) Brahms
c) Strauss
d) Schubert

2) 2.This composer's seventh symphony is known as the "Leningrad symphony".
a) Shostakovich
b) Tchaikovsky
c) Prokofiev
d) Rachmaninoff

3) This composer's first published work was a polonaise, which was published at the age of seven.
a) Mozart
b) Mendelssohn
c) Liszt
d) Chopin

4) This composer wrote the opera "La Cenerentola" which is based on Cinderella.
a) Wagner
b) Rossini
c) Berlioz
d) Verdi

5) This composer was suffering from blindness by the mid 18th century.
a) Beethoven
b) Bach
c) Handel
d) Vivaldi

6) Neuritis prevented this composer from ever being able to perform.
a) Holst
b) Verdi
c) Bruckner
d) Handel

7) This composer performed a piano concerto when he was 8 years old and wrote mostly for piano.
a) Mozart
b) Mendelssohn
c) Chopin
d) Rachmaninoff

8) This composer is responsible for organizing the Bach society, which would promote music of Bach that were not played often.
a) Schubert
b) Mendelssohn
c) Schumann
d) Liszt

9) This Italian composer was also politically active serving in parliament then in the senate.
a) Rossini
b) Ravel
c) Ives
d) Verdi

10) This composer destroyed all of the music he wrote before he was 19.
a) Brahms
b) Liszt
c) Barber
d) Grieg

11) This composer tied with Mozart in a piano competition.
a) Haydn
b) Clementi
c) Beethoven
d) Lully