Cyrano de Bergerac
(1950 film)

Cyrano de Bergerac

From the movie Cyrano de Bergerac (1950) starring Jose Ferrer as Cyrano de Bergerac. Here is the movie's classic nose sketch with "Monsieur, your nose, your nose is rather large..." and other classic lines.

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Jimmy Durante
"The Great Schnozzola"

Jimmy Durante

In a sense Jimmy Durante truly was "the musical nose". Capitalizing on his rather large nose (his "Schnozzola"), he was one of America's most familiar and popular entertainers of the 1920s through the 1970s.

Here he is with a young Frank Sinatra in the 1947 movie It Happened in Brooklyn singing "The Song's Gotta Come From The Heart".

Jimmy Durante

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Recommended Nose Websites

If noses are your thing - and most of us have noses after all - here are two wonderful nose websites I highly recommend:

Their goal is to be a resource that features any and everything possibly related to the nose. They'll have some noses you've never even thought about.
Kinda fun, kinda serious.

Your Nose

Your Nose

Here is a great article from explaining the nose. It's very entertaining and enlightening for kids and the rest of us.

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Music From Earth

Earth Music - Paul Winter Consort
Earth Music
Paul Winter Consort

Brentwood Concert Band

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Speaking of noses...
Enjoy "The Nose Job Song" from Girl Crusade (2007).

The Nose Job Song

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Also enjoy "Big Nose" from Dan Singer (2010).

Big Nose - Dan Singer

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For more go to
Nose Song Videos
also see
Funny Nose Videos
Nosebits Videos


The biggest nose,
the brightest nose,
the creepiest nose,
or the most abused nose—

Who has the the most memorable nose
in film or television?

Kevin at 22

Kevin Fallon at 22

This is my son Kevin who is turning into the consummate musician. His main musical instruments are flute and piano.
Currently, Kevin is in his senior year as a music education major at University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA.
I am very proud of him!

Kevin has an article "The Flute - Its History and Evolution - Part 1" on this website.

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Great fun for parties too!

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Music lesson Music lesson

Suzy PT Illustrations
Suzy PT Illustrations:
Musical Drawings


Welcome to The Musical Nose

Also --- The Musical Nose Blog
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Here are some featured articles from this website.

From Music Articles
From Music and ...
John Cage
"The music is not in the notes,
but in the silence between."

     ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ~     

Composer John Cage took Mozart's
concept to a whole new level with his piece 4'33" which consists mainly of silence.
"John Cage, 4'33", and Experimental Music
in 1950s America"

by Melissa Fallon
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
He was the greatest music child prodigy the world has ever known. And he became one of the greatest music composers the world has ever known. Read this article about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. You can also watch videos and listen to audio samples of his music.
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From Musicians of Note
From Musical Instruments
Jimmy Webb
As one of the greatest songwriters over the last fifty years, Jimmy Webb is truly a "Musician of Note". Read this article about Jimmy Webb. You can also watch videos and listen to audio samples of his music.
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The Classical Guitar
According to Beethoven the guitar is "like a mini orchestra". Besides being ever present in performing popular music, the guitar is also an important concert hall instrument in classical music. Here we have "The Classical Guitar" by Kathy Unruh.
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From Music Gems
From Musical Nosebits
Classical Music Gems - Part 1
It's always exciting for me when I come across a piece of music I haven't heard before that then becomes a music gem for me. Music Gems are those pieces of music that are somewhat obscure and not generally well known by the masses. But they still have a refreshing, intrinsic, emotive, and timeless beauty about them. Here are a few "Classical" and "New Age" music gems I've come across.
Go to "Music Gems"
Eat Your Words
In the long history of music, the arts, and technology sometimes its a bad idea to predict the future, to pass judgement that something or someone(s) can't be good or can't succeed. "Eat Your Words" is a list of quotations that have failed to stand up to the test of time.
See "Eat Your Words"

From Music Stories
From Musicians of Note
The Jealous Sister
"The Jealous Sister" by Andrew Huggan is not exactly a warm and cuddly music story. It is also not for the faint of heart. But this story is full of a heavy accented Scottish broque so it would be fun to read out load.
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Shaun Hopper
"The Dazzling Guitar of Shaun Hopper". Shaun Hopper is an amazing young guitarist I saw perform at a Brentwood, CA restaurant. Read this article to see why I call his guitar virtuosity "Dazzling". This includes a YouTube video of Shaun Hopper performing "Paper Orchid" a song he wrote.
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From Music Articles
From Music Class
Beyoncé Knowles
"What Singers Should Do With Their Hands" by Rick Rakauskas.
"When you've taken a few singing lessons and you have enough confidence to perform in public, you might start wondering what you're going to do with your hands when you're on stage. Do you wave them around like a conductor? Do you stick them in your pockets? Or what do you do?"
To read the entire article—
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Shaun Hopper
"How Do I Find a Good Music Teacher?" by Inja Stanic.
"A good teacher can kindle the passion that you have for music and mold you to be a good musician."
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  Welcome to The Musical Nose
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Mike Fallon

Mike Fallon

Mozart's Musikalisches Würfelspiel

Mozart's Musikalisches Würfelspiel
A Musical Dice Game for Composing a Minuet

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